Nothing is more important to you than your children. With our Junior children's account, you can help your children save for the future while teaching them the importance of saving. At Eleglance Finance we understand that securing your children's future is important to you and that's why the Junior account

Product features include;

  • Opening and Minimum account balance of UGX 50,000 Account shall be available in Uganda shillings only
  • 1 free cash withdrawal per Calendar Quarter extra withdraws will be billed at UGX 1000 and UGX 1000 will be charged for below balance requirement.

Account Opening Requirements

  • Follow regular account opening process by completing the account opening form
  • The Trustee will be required to sign next to their photo for Signature capturing
  • 2 passport size photos for the child and 1 for the trustee, guardian or parent
  • The account will be in the child's name with parent or guardian as trustee
  • One half of the Terms and Conditions page will be given to the customer
  • A Junior card will be issued with the child's photo but the trustees signature will be captured for account operations