Our history

Eleglance Finance Ltd was born from one small idea - a local initiative to serve local needs. In september 2011 Eleglance Finance opened its doors to small businesses, groups & individuals and today we serve large number of customers in Entebbe. EFL is  a Financial Services Company delivering benefits of financial services tailored to SMEs, Individuals and Groups. Our financial services are also tailored to the needs of essential workers. Eleglance has a history formed by character and the insatiable need to know more. The intervening few years have created strengths of resilience, adaptability and the capability to innovate. We believe in building long term relationships with our customers. Eleglances' culture has evolved to enable us meet the challenges that our customers face on daily basis. Our products and processes are focused on delivering value to our customers, respecting individuality as well as understanding the significance of buidling trust and Creating Valuable Relationships.

The company has played a crucial role in extending Financial services to SMEs that find it challenging to access these services from mainstream banks. Our investment approach goes beyond providing capital but creating innovative solutions tailored toward financing needs of a growing private entity. Providing financial services is pivotal in satisfying the needs of the target market with financial products, financial information and advisory services.