Business consulting
Eleglance Finance Limited works with small businesses with the purpose of helping them get better at what they do; finding new customers, increasing sales, reducing costs and improve margins. Our team is best at what they do, with a passion for making business better. We understand that solid businesses are built on solid foundations; our staff can help you develop strategy to inform your decisions across the whole business.

Our Financial Literacy Program is an intricate part of our operations which goes beyond saving & borrowing. We at Eleglance Finance undersatnd that our customers have a desire on how to better manage their money, increase profitability of thier businesses and make good investment decisions. That is why increasing awareness and dissemination of of easy to understand facts about opportunities & choices is a priority at EFL.

Training for Small Business Success
Encouraging people aspiring to have multipe streams of income and especially growth of smaller businesses by helping them build strategic and financial partnerships creating value for our partners and investors. We focus on enhancing capacity building initiatives boosting enterprenuership. This is a strategic priority for Eleglance Finance, where limited training opportunities often hold back the growth of smaller businesses. Whether you are starting out or looking to grow, come talk to us.

As entrepreneurial and managerial capacity is a main constraint for investment and growth opportunities in Uganda, the key achievement of the program will be to increase Financial Management capacity of SME’s by giving practical guidance to financial matters & how descion making has a direct bearing on the financial well-being of any enterprise.

Enhanced Support to Small & Medium Enterprises
Small and medium enterprises are the bedrock of Uganda’s private sector and employ the vast majority of its working population. Unlocking their full potential is critical to maximizing private sector development, job creation, and broad economic growth Country. Working with partner financial institutions such Enterprise Uganda, EFL is focusing on building skills of entrepreneurs and smaller businesses such that they can obtain the financing and the advisory support they need to succeed.

Access to Finance
Through its Access to Finance business line, EFL helps to increase the availability and affordability of financial services, particularly to micro, small and medium enterprise clients. Our priorities are to provide financial services to the ‘unbanked’ category of SME’s; The Access to Finance business option works to support the growth of businesses through access to credit.