Eleglance Finance is a privately owned, financial services company that provides microcredit to its customers. Since 2011, Eleglance Finance has provided lending services to people who are mostly considered ‘unbankable’ by formal financial institutions. It seeks to be part of the growth of the microfinance industry in Uganda. The company upholds a dual mission of providing affordable capital to "unbankable" individuals while operating an efficient, profitable business.

The Institution offers a mix of loan products, including individual loans, voluntary savings, mobile money transfers, micro insurance and business advisory services tailored to the needs of its clients. We are professional, accountable, passionately driven by the belief that every Ugandan should have quick access to high quality and reliable financial services.

Typically we can deliver a loan within 48 hours from first contact. We do money differently owing to the level of personal service provided by our staff. Many of our customers have limited access to credit: we are helping to include them in the financial mainstream in a responsible way. Before we advance a loan to a customer we ensure that we understand their circumstances and offer credit in an affordable, straight forward and flexible way.